Our Services

Freelance IT Lab is providing the following serivices for the client of local and international.
We are providing services successfully and our client so please on us.

Website Design

We are providing responsive and user friendly web site design services.We give the priority of Client’s satisfaction .

Web Application Development

We are providing responsive, user friendly and functional web application development services.

Desktop Application Development

We also providing desktop application for our local and. Our developed software is so easy to use and maintain.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development services also available in Freelance IT Lab.

System Automation

Now we are working for our local client to make a system automate

Domain & Hosting Management

We are providing services for domain registration and hosting management .We also manage top level domain registration.


You will get a complete solution from Freelance IT Lab.
If you fell any need software solution then dont forget to contact with us.

Our Courses

Freelance IT Lab is conducting the following courses to create expert manpower
as if unemployment problem can be reduced

Graphic Design

Professional graphic design you can learn from Freelance IT Lab. We prepare you for job market.

Web Design

Making you a professional web designer is our responsibility, you should have just interest to learn nothing else.

Web Programming

You have much more opportunity to learn web programming from Freelance IT Lab. You will get job offer if you can learn well.

Mobile Apps Development

To survive in this competitive world you should have atleast a basic knowledge of computer. Otherwise you will through out.

Database Programming

To learn RDBMS professionally Freelance IT Lab can be your best place.

Programming in C,C++

To be a software developer in future you can start your journey from now bye learning programming language c and c++

Programming in Java

Java is high level cross platform programming language you can learn from Freelance IT Lab.


You can learn ecommerce site design, development, product entry from this course professionally.

Computer Basic

To survive in this competitive world you should have atleast a basic knowledge of computer. Otherwise you will through out.

Get in Touch

We are always ready to help you. For any help about IT,ICT and ITES services.
Fell free to ask any question.

Contact Info

Mymensingh Office

22 Coronation Road, Sankipara,
Mobile: 01839 973100
Phone: 091-63838

Khulna Office

219, Maheswar Pasha Main Road,
KUET, Khulna
Mobile: 01937 476716